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Control and Management System

This control pannel is made for internal use by the management of AMU and not supposed to be made available to the general users/visitors of the website. The head of management operation of the system should register first to get access to the data management system. Few additional trusted memebers who are familier with the management can be registered to access the system. On registration system will ask you your email address which will be unique for every one. An email will be sent to you on being registered. The email will have a link for activation of your account. So check your email and click link present in the email. Your account will be activated and email page will expire for further use. You wil be directed to the this page again where you can login your system.

If you choose to any of the data entry item, system will ask you your website username and password (only once in a session). On successfull supply of these parameters you will be able to do the data entry/update and usage.

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